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Foretaste of the 2023 Construction Machinery Performance Shows

June 2023: In just a few weeks' time, renowned companies will once again be showing off their most eye-catching star brands at steinexpo from 23-26 August 2023. Of course, not every highlight can be revealed yet. However, the curtain can already be raised on a few special innovations from the construction machinery sector here. One thing is certain. The large LED wall allowing the live onsite demonstrations to be followed in detail on a large screen was definitely worth it – and the previews heighten the anticipation.

Power, comfort and smooth running: Develon (formerly Doosan) presents its DX800-7 tracked excavator and the new 4x4 version of the DA45-7 ADT articulated dump truck in the demo area at steinexpo. The Stage V-compliant 80 t crawler excavator is the second largest excavator model manufactured by the company. Designed for high-performance applications, the DX800LC-7 will primarily strengthen applications in the mining and quarrying industries. In overburden excavation and loading of bulk material, the excavator achieves best-in-class performance with its standard bucket volume of 4.6 m3 as well as with the parameters for breakout force, digging depth, reach and height.

According to the manufacturer, the DX800LC-7 has the highest hydraulic power in this machine size. Its productivity, activated via smoother controls, should be clearly substantiated in the demonstration. A 403 kW Perkins diesel engine impresses with its high engine power output and low fuel consumption.

The new 4x4 version of the DA45-7 ADT will also be seen in action. As a serious competitor for rigid dump trucks (RDTs) in the 40 t class, the articulated dumper has several modifications. For example, its tipper unit is similar to that of 40 t class RDTs. The new DA45-7 ADT can prove that it performs better in conditions such as heavy rain and slippery conditions that are tough for RDTs to handle. A smaller turning radius as well as the design of the rear tipper unit make the articulated dumper a high-performance machine without limitations even in difficult, highly confined conditions. Both models presented in the demonstration area were previously seen as stationary exhibits at bauma 2022. (eu.doosanequipment.com)


Zeppelin/Cat: The company will use around 3,500 m² to show an all-round display of products ranging from small to large. Of course with breathtaking live demos and the global launch of the 988 GC. Designed as the lowest cost per hour wheel loader, it completes the current range at 12 t payload, with the same capacity as the 988K and 988K XE (stationary exhibits on site). For this, the front frame linkage and hydraulic system have been redesigned and re-engineered. It provides the ideal solution for those who need the productivity advantage of the 988K XE, but fuel savings compared to the 988K powershift transmission. Taking its well-situated midway place is the Cat 323 – Tier 4F/Stage V (EU). A precise combination of low engine speed and large hydraulic pump delivers peak output while keeping fuel consumption low. The machine offers the industry's highest quality factory-integrated standard technology. The 323 emits up to 22% less CO₂ than its predecessor, the 323F. The next-generation Cat 374 is a massive excavator with 72 t operating weight, 362 kW engine power, 13 m reach and 8.5 m digging depth. It outperforms its predecessors with twice the structural durability and around 20% lower maintenance costs. A key factor is the hydrostatic swivel circle, which enables slew brake energy recovery and independent cylinder oil flow control. It has three operating modes: Power, Smart and Eco. The engine speed is automatically reduced when the hydraulic demand decreases, further reducing fuel consumption. This large excavator is designed for tough and demanding applications with high material stress. (www.zeppelin-cat.de)


Hyundai CE aims to demonstrate robust performance and operating power with the wheel loader model HL980A, the HA45A dumper and the HX520A L crawler excavator. According to the manufacturer, the last-mentioned 50 t machine is a top performer for heavy-duty excavation work. Equipped with a 298 kW Stage V Cummins X12 engine and a bucket volume of between 1 and 3.2 m³ – depending on the task – the excavator offers the necessary capacities for demanding tasks, especially in medium-sized aggregates operations. Its special hydraulic design (independent control of the electric pump) noticeably increases its efficiency. At the same time, a lifting work mode ensures precise fine control. Additional features such as the robust exterior design of the upper and lower carriage, the wear resistance of the bucket due to the use of a new material or equipping it with removable counterweights contribute to the optimisation of operations and thus increase productivity. In partnership with the excavator, the HA45A dumper will transport 41 t of material across the demo site. Permanent six-wheel drive, tandem rear axles and a front-mounted slewing ring result in even power and weight distribution, while a sloping rear frame shifts the load to the front of the dumper for maximum drive and traction in difficult terrain.

With the HL980A, the brand's largest 30 t wheel loader model will also be entering the demo area. With an engine output of 265 kW and bucket volumes between 5 and 6.3 m³, this model clearly represents a performance class that should appeal to larger operations. (www.hyundai-ce.eu/de-de/)


Komatsu: In addition to their exhibits in the exhibition area with various equipment, service and support offers from the core brand and Komatsu dealer partners, the WA600-8 wheel loader and an HD605-8 dump truck will take part in the daily live demonstrations, illustrating that they are an ideal combination that is just right for the demands of heavy, and large, quarry operations. The WA600-8 with 396 kW engine power, 6.4 to 7.8 m³ bucket volume and an operating weight of up to 56 t, which is positively conspicuous in particular for its good traction, offers a unique combination of stability, breakout force and tractive force. Among other things, the automatic bucket filling system and the availability of high-efficiency buckets are appreciated in practical applications. Its partner, the HD605-8 dump truck, impresses with optimal off-terrain mobility, a small turning circle and comfortable operation. Operators are promised maximum productivity at minimum operating costs. The engine power of 578 kW guarantees the powerful and safe transport of loaded material up to 63 t (40 m³).



Liebherr: The Liebherr product segments of earthmoving machinery and mining will present more than ten exhibits, both stationary and in the demo shows. This will be complemented by a Liebherr technology pavilion, where the group of companies will be showing developments, particularly in the field of digitisation.

The earthmoving machinery segment will present, among other things, the TA 230 articulated dump truck, flanked by other versatile products specially designed for the quarrying industry as well as a 100 t mining excavator. Many of these machines will be demonstrated during the daily live shows at steinexpo in Europe's largest basalt quarry.

In the area of technologies, Liebherr will focus on the work done on the development of alternative drives. As part of its technology-friendly approach, there will be insights and outlooks on different drive concepts. Given its special suitability in the energy-intensive extraction and processing industry, hydrogen in particular will also play a major role at steinexpo.



Volvo CE: Highlights include the EC230 Electric excavator, the largest Volvo L350H wheel loader and the EC550E crawler excavator. The 60-ton A60H, Volvo's largest dumper, will more than likely attract a lot of interest in the demo area.

Participation in the traditional driving competition will take place in the cockpit of the EC230 Electric. This 23 t electric excavator offers the same performance as a comparable diesel model – but with zero emissions, low noise and low vibration. Initial applications even promise digging forces that are identical to its diesel counterpart, the Volvo EC220E.

The flagship of the wheel loader range, the L350H, comes with a significantly improved drivetrain. The main components are new axles and a Volvo transmission that enables Opti Shift to be fitted as standard. This technology integrates Reverse by Braking (RBB) and a torque converter lock-up between gears for improved fuel efficiency. A more robust upper articulated bearing and a redesigned main frame optimally equip the machine for the toughest applications. The EC550E crawler excavator competes with excavating forces and payload-carrying capacities normally only found in the 60 t segment. The 50-ton excavator has the highest engine power in its class and offers exceptional tractive force and high swing torque. In combination with large buckets, it is also perfect for the filling of dumpers with few loading cycles. At the heart of the powertrain is the low-emission 12.8-litre six-cylinder Volvo D13J meeting Stage V emission standards, working in conjunction with the next-generation electro-hydraulic system, characterised by independent proportional valves for increased fuel efficiency. (www.volvoce.com)


PTH: A tractor as part of the live demonstrations will certainly catch the eye. By no means only suitable for agriculture, the exhibitor equips it with a PTH Ripper, a subsoiler used to break up road surfaces up to 60 cm deep. The loosened material can then be processed into grader-grade material with considerably less wear and tear by a robust PTH Crusher, a stone crusher. A fully coordinated machine concept for different soils, road surfaces and requirements makes the PTH Ripper universally applicable for road construction or recultivation.

The preparatory loosening of the soil or material is then followed by a PTH Crusher with rotor wear protection and the first crushing stage with carbide tipping for the toughest applications. Its working width is 2.5 m with a 2 m rotor width. Equipped like this, the 2500 HD or 2500 RS model of the crusher can handle materials up to 150 N/mm2 and a maximum edge length of 500 mm. The RS version of the machine can be used for breaking asphalt pavements up to 80 mm or for surface milling dirt roads up to 150 mm deep without any preparatory work. The HD / RS series of the PTH Crusher is compatible with all types of carrier vehicles, as long as the technical requirements match. A PTH Micro Crusher for excavators will also be exhibited at the exhibition stand, which is suitable for use as a road-milling machine or in road rehabilitation.

New, optimised and with hope for the future

In addition to brand-new and already available optimised machines as well as the breathtaking live demonstrations, the "Quarry Vision" area of steinexpo 2023 will also feature exciting and absolutely future-oriented prototypes. For a preview of these unique innovations, it is worth keeping an eye on the steinexpo social media channels in the coming weeks before the trade fair. It's worth it!


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steinexpo: As the biggest and most significant stone quarry demonstration exhibition on the European continent, the steinexpo had its premiere in the Nieder-Ofleiden stone quarry in September 1990. The trade fair is held in a three-year cycle. By means of impressive live demonstrations against the backdrop of a magnificent stone quarry, manufacturers and dealers of building and processing machinery, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles as well as plants for the extraction and treatment of materials put their performance capabilities on display. The recycling of mineral building materials represents another focus point. The steinexpo is organised by Geoplan GMBH, Iffezheim.




steinexpo2023_PI8_1) The Develon DX800LC-7 crawler excavator is the second largest excavator model manufactured by the company and has the highest hydraulic power in this size machine. Photo: Develon/Doosan

steinexpo2023_PI8_2) The Liebherr TA 230 on display together with an L 580 XPower wheel loader in quarry operation. Photo: Liebherr

steinexpo2023_PI8_3) The Volvo CE crawler excavator EC550E will soon be demonstrating at steinexpo that it can easily compete with the big guns. Photo: Volvo CE

steinexpo2023_PI8_4) Crossover – not only suitable for agriculture – the PTH Ripper – a subsoiler for breaking up road surfaces. Photo: PTH Products

steinexpo2023_PI8_5) With electrohydraulic pilot control and advanced control technology, the Cat 374 large excavator achieves fuel savings of up to 25 per cent. Photo: Caterpillar/Zeppelin


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