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steinexpo terrain layout in the home straight

Unique demonstration fair strengthens its informative character

April 2023: As of the end of March, 268 exhibitors representing a total of 395 brands have already registered for steinexpo 2023. This almost equals the number of successful registrations and names of participants of the last trade fair in 2017. This means that all leading companies of the mining and processing industry will present their machines and services in August. The Geoplan event team even assume that steinexpo 2023 could see a record number of participating exhibitors. The reason being that there are only a few remaining spaces to fill before the exhibitor circle is closed in the coming months. In addition, there is also a significant increase in the proportion of internationally participating companies.

Exciting changes in other areas will also be noticeable. When the 11th steinexpo demonstration fair opens its doors on 23 August 2023, trade visitors will be offered a much wider selection of information than usual. This time, all visitors to the fair will experience a much greater involvement in the exciting daily routine of the fair. Not only does it include the running of the fair itself, but also the preparations that need to be made in advance for such a unique opportunity to demonstrate the machines on show.

From mid-August, the set-up and of course the trade fair itself will be recorded by a permanent videocam with live transmission. This will give people interested in the trade fair as well as participants an equal opportunity to experience the fair in advance and, naturally, while it is taking place.

Massive machinery in stadium flair

As usual, the live demo area A will again feature professional and expertly moderated live joint demonstrations by various major construction machinery brands. The "stadium atmosphere" – with an unobstructed view from spacious spectators’ stand – allows spectators in the stands to experience the performance of the loading and transport equipment being used in real-life conditions. This year, a 45 m² LED wall on which the live action of the massive machines at work are shown, with special features being zoomed-in on and explained in detail, will perfectly complete the presentations and demonstrations.

Terrain layout in the home straight

And on another front things have not exactly been standing still. It is in the nature of an active quarry that it will be constantly changing as raw materials are extracted. By hosting steinexpo in Europe's largest basalt quarry, the organisers are confronted with a changed site situation every time, calling for a new exhibitor layout at every event. This year, there is more scope and room for manoeuvre for demo area A in general. This area had already been used for the unique performance shows of the heavy construction machinery at the most recent events. This time there will be the additional possibility of creating a high-speed track and/or mogul track for dumpers. An area where construction machinery can be parked is again part of the concept. In addition, the stationary stand areas of the participating exhibitors are also grouped together in this area. So the revelation of how these new conditions will be used for the "choreographies of the giants” is eagerly awaited.

The area for accessories will again be located in demo area B. Compared to 2017, it will be slightly narrower at this event. The space towards the rear of the upper demo area C is also slightly narrower this time round. Nevertheless, there will still be enough space to admire the dimensions of the fair in 2023 when taking a ride on the popular high-altitude lift. This "wow effect" is an experience that never gets old when entering the quarry at the entrance area. The entrance area will next year be located on the approximately 15,000 m² new demo area D (former backfill).

Arriving visitors can also expect another highlight in this area. Because as the quarry changes, so do the innovations and perspectives that go with it. The motto "Quarry Vision" of steinexpo 2023 is therefore representative of the visions within the industry, which will be provided with the appropriate stage. An area of approximately 4,000 m² in size – and thus almost twice as large as originally planned – will provide renowned exhibitors with the opportunity to present their future innovations, which may not necessarily be ready for the market yet, in a way that is visible and tangible for everyone. Highly intelligent machines, vehicles and services will be on display. Adjacent to the main entrance, the special "Quarry Vision" area will be hard to miss. Every arriving visitor will be rewarded with the extraordinary Innovation Park.

In general, steinexpo 2023 will also look at ways to present smaller exhibitors that appeals to the public, even against the backdrop of large dimensions. The area for the indoor exhibitors will also have a dual focus. For this purpose, the previous large pavilion will be divided into two sections – an exhibition pavilion focusing on a specific theme will be open to visitors at each of two locations on two levels.

It will basically be the steinexpo of big ideas. Regardless of whether we see prototypes, or small or gigantic versions, it is something all steinexpo enthusiasts can look forward to.

Big stages are also offered online ...

Thanks to this year's significantly expanded social media activity in terms of coverage, the trade fair was given its first boost in additional reach and relevance. The closer the opening date of the trade fair comes, the more coverage will also be given online to the preparations to keep everyone up to date. An increase in the frequency of online posts with current information, exhibitor info, live streaming and much more, will consistently drive the exposure of steinexpo on social media channels. Just as steinexpo is not like any other trade fair, the same can be said about the community. This has now been proven even more online. Because what emerged strongly in the process is the enthusiasm that connects many long-standing followers of steinexpo and how much cohesion and solidarity is clearly evident. In the case of (technical) questions, assistance and advice are given immediately, memories and even real works of art are shared, such as a miniature replica of steinexpo by a loyal trade fair visitor of many years (for photos, see steinexpo Social Media). In addition to this friendly exchange, the need for technical information will also be met.

The new steinexpo app, which provides all the latest information about the demo exhibition on mobile devices, also contributes to the considerably expanded information service. Of course, this also includes terrain plans, exhibitor information, exhibited products and much more. The steinexpo app will be available from summer.

Tickets, however, can already be purchased now! (See boxed text for information)

All other current information on developments or an overview of exhibiting brands or companies can be found on the official website and via the steinexpo social media channels.



Tickets available now!

You can now raise the anticipation by holding your printed ticket in your hand or looking at the digital version on your smartphone. Because as of now, steinexpo tickets can be purchased on our official website.

Tickets can also be purchased online via our ticket shop!

Get your tickets now at: ticket.steinexpo.de


We truly look forward to all steinexpo visitors!


Please visit the trade fair’s website for up-to-date information on the 11th steinexpo.

www.steinexpo.de and on Instagram at: @steinexpo_official


steinexpo: As the biggest and most significant stone quarry demonstration exhibition on the European continent, the steinexpo had its premiere in the Nieder-Ofleiden stone quarry in September 1990. The trade fair is held in a three-year cycle. By means of impressive live demonstrations against the backdrop of a magnificent stone quarry, manufacturers and dealers of building and processing machinery, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles as well as plants for the extraction and treatment of materials put their performance capabilities on display. The recycling of mineral building materials represents another focus point. The steinexpo is organised by Geoplan GMBH, Iffezheim.



steinexpo2023_PI7_1) Great expectations – the updated site plan reveals that the steinexpo themed area "Quarry Vision" has once again almost doubled in size.

steinexpo2023_PI7_2) Focus on details – in order to experience the big moments in August, it is important to pay attention to details in these final stages of preparation.

steinexpo2023_PI7_3) To make this possible for everyone, a 45 m² LED wall will be installed at steinexpo 2023, on which the performances of the massive machinery can be followed live.

steinexpo2023_PI7_4) Raising the anticipation – steinexpo tickets can now be purchased in the official ticket shop.


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