steinexpo 2023 - Press Release 12

12th Press Release

steinexpo 2023 – Press release on the opening

Expectation and joy on a large scale

23 August 2023: The popular international demonstration fair for the raw materials and building materials industry is back. On 23 August 2023 at midday, the official "starting signal" was given for the 11th steinexpo at the MHI basalt quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden. After the corona-related events forced the cancellation of the trade fair in 2020 and 2021, the event's rotational fair year as well as the alternate date, the tension was almost palpable among the organising team, the trade fair director, exhibitors and partners alike. This spontaneously changed to relief after the pressing of the obligatory start button marked the opening. And it immediately signalled the end of the silence in the quarry observed for the opening ceremony. From now on, it's all about action until the last hooter sounds! Anyone who knows construction machinery fairs is familiar with this custom. Shortly before the curtain call, all the steel actors gather once more for the traditional farewell honking and waving concert. Intrinsic to such emotional moments, everyone, whether on the exhibition or the event side, expects business to be successful, despite all the economic uncertainties.

All participants and friends of this trade fair have noticed in the last few years how sorely steinexpo has been missed. The world has undergone significant changes in many ways since the last time it was held in 2017. The figures now reported with the opening are not only impressive, but clearly prove that the raw and building materials industry as well as its suppliers are not deterred by all the upheaval and are even expanding. It is now the visitors’ turn to give the brilliance of the 11th steinexpo that extra shine. The signs that the figures will be good are promising. 30,000 tickets have already been sold online in the run-up to the fair.

Trade fair infrastructure A tour de force in the run-up

A tremendous amount of effort goes into turning an active quarry into a functioning fairground. Below is merely an indication of what kept the many helping hands of the planning and service team busy in the last days and weeks:

  • 0 km of security fences erected
  • 5 km hoses laid
  • 12 km of power lines laid
  • 2,500 m³ of water transported by the fire brigade
  • Numerous power units set up to ensure the power supply with a total output of 2,500 kW
  • 42,000 t of material (natural stone aggregate material and bulk mineral recycling material), which will be processed during the demos, produced or transported, stockpiled or already stored for the start at the respective stands
  • 240 km of surveying work was carried out for the measuring of the stands

In addition, about 25,000 t of bulk rock had to be moved to prepare the surface so that all participants, whether interested visitors or professionals, would find exhibition stands and paths well prepared and presented. All this is steinexpo-live in preparation mode. By the way, this year it was also possible to follow the process live via a webcam in the run-up to the event.

A healthy development

33 years ago now – in September 1990 – steinexpo was launched to inform mainly insiders of the natural stone industry about new technical developments through demonstrations. Since then, the trade fair, which was initially regarded with scepticism, has gradually grown across the entire spectrum of the aggregates industry to become a platform for technical developments in the building materials industry and even for decision-makers from the construction industry.

The future concept of Geoplan's “trade fair creators" is to preserve the “heart”, the core of this fair, at all costs, which consists of the demonstration of services as far as possible. The continuing increase in internationality also remains firmly on the agenda. In addition, the intention is also to place more emphasis on using the trade fair as a drawing card for young talented and skilled employees. All in all, a comprehensive approach that is supported by the partners and supporters of the fair in the best possible way.

For this time, the signs are good once again. steinexpo 2023 will almost certainly be accompanied by success stories. It does not have to be an absolute record in every case – and certainly not at this time. That is exactly how the exhibitors see it too. Among them are not only well-known names, but also many new names and brands. This thing is growing in stature! However, not only through brands and names, but above all through the people who assemble here during steinexpo by sticking together.


Tickets available now!

You can now raise the anticipation by holding your printed ticket in your hand or looking at the digital version on your smartphone. Because as of now, steinexpo tickets can be purchased on our official website.

Get your tickets now at: ticket.steinexpo.de

We truly look forward to all steinexpo visitors!


Please visit the trade fair's website for regularly updated information on the 11th steinexpo.

www.steinexpo.de and on Instagram at: @steinexpo_official

steinexpo: As the biggest and most significant stone quarry demonstration exhibition on the European continent, the steinexpo had its premiere in the Nieder-Ofleiden stone quarry in September 1990. The trade fair is held in a three-year cycle. By means of impressive live demonstrations against the backdrop of a magnificent stone quarry, manufacturers and dealers of building and processing machinery, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles as well as plants for the extraction and treatment of materials put their performance capabilities on display. The recycling of mineral building materials represents another focus point. The steinexpo is organised by Geoplan GMBH, Iffezheim.


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