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steinexpo goes digital

July 2019:

When the gates open for the 11th international demonstration trade fair in August of the coming year and a new "steinexpo” season is ushered in, it will mark something special in several respects – because this will also mean "30 years of steinexpo". A lot has changed since the trade fair premiere in 1990: the show is enjoying ever greater acceptance by the market and the industry, and nearly all market leaders have already registered for steinexpo 2020, more than a year before it starts. Growing visitor numbers, more and more national and international exhibitors and innovative, larger machines have transformed the face of steinexpo as much as new digital developments.

While nobody had even dreamed of communicating with a mobile phone in 1990, it is now commonplace to record videos at a trade show and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Geoplan team is also moving with the times and has allowed the trend towards digitisation to flow into their work on the upcoming event. And this means that there are some exciting new developments that interested parties can already experience now.

From old to new – the steinexpo 2020 website

The new steinexpo 2020 website has been available to exhibitors, visitors and interested parties from the beginning of this year.  It is presented in a visually pleasing, modern design, along with some new features. The informative news section, which contains important press releases and news even before the fair starts, provides you with everything you need for reporting on the demonstration trade fair. The "Registration and Conditions" page provides exhibitors with information about the area, entrance fees, hall areas and other applicable fees, while visitors can read the pricing terms and conditions on the "Tickets" page. The admission tickets for the show can be purchased from January 2020 via the new, digital "online ticket portal", although tickets can still be bought at the steinexpo while the trade fair is already taking place. In doing so, the Geoplan team is responding to the steadily growing interest and the increasing number of visitors who want to avoid long queues at the ticket booths. As of October this year, exhibitors will be able to book everything they need for their trade fair appearance via the Exhibitor Service Centre, or ESC for short.  The new list of exhibitors listing exhibitors after registration has new search and filter options compared to previous years, by means of which, for example, exhibitors can be displayed by nomenclature. You also have access to a lot of information about the past event, photos and impressions of steinexpo 2017 as well as facts and figures on the new website. The new website allows exhibitors as well as visitors to easily access all important information before and during the trade fair at any time, and to get attuned to the unique, practical demo show.

WhatsApp-Business broadcast

This is one of the new offerings mentioned above. Starting immediately, the organisers of steinexpo 2020, Geoplan, offers all interested parties the opportunity to receive up-to-the-minute news and information about the trade fair directly on their smartphones. WhatsApp-Business is not only intended to generate a steady flow of information in advance, but also to provide information about important events, as well as planned demos and demonstrations during the trade fair. To benefit from this information channel, interested parties only need to save the phone number +49 (0) 157/35 74 02 68 on their smartphone to automatically receive all news about steinexpo 2020 via the WhatsApp-Business broadcast.

steinexpo and social media

In addition to the WhatsApp-Business broadcast and following the digitisation trend, there are also other media formats for steinexpo 2020. The Facebook and Twitter profiles regularly share information such as the status of the ever-changing exhibition grounds. In addition to these platforms, the visually impressive trailer for the upcoming steinexpo can also viewed on the organiser’s YouTube channel. The keyword "visual" is particularly important in the latest social media project of Geoplan – Instagram. Recently, impressive images of all the events of the steinexpo organiser, especially the demonstration trade fair, have been shared with their followers via this medium.

Analogue vs. digital

Even a cursory glance at the upcoming steinexpo already shows that the trade fair will be the “must-do" of the raw and building materials industry in the coming year. The great interest on the part of exhibitors and visitors speaks for itself. You can build up your excitement about what's going to happen with digital trends, trendsetting technologies and new products right up to the start of the trade fair.




steinexpo: Als größte und bedeutendste Steinbruch-Demonstrationsmesse auf dem europäischen Kontinent feierte die steinexpo im September 1990 im Steinbruch Nieder-Ofleiden ihre Premiere. Die Messe wird im Drei-Jahres-Turnus durchgeführt. Im Rahmen eindrucksvoller Live-Vorführungen vor der Kulisse des beeindruckenden Steinbruchs zeigen Hersteller und Händler von Bau- und Arbeitsmaschinen, von Nutzfahrzeugen und Skw sowie von Anlagen zur Rohstoffgewinnung und -aufbereitung ihre Leistungsfähigkeit. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt der Messe bildet das Recycling mineralischer Baustoffe. Veranstaltet wird die steinexpo von der Geoplan GmbH, Iffezheim.



steinexpo2020_PI3_1) A look at the website of the steinexpo 2020 shows the clear design.

steinexpo2020_PI3_2) steinexpo is represented on these social media channels.

steinexpo2020_PI3_3) The current spatial layout of steinexpo 2020: Many areas have already been booked or reserved.


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