Final report for 2017

Milestoneexpo achieves records

4 September 2017: The 10th steinexpo closed with a fantastic success. The objective of the organizers of this quarry demonstration exhibition, which ran from 30 August until 2 September 2017, was to once more achieve the same number of visitors as in 2014 (44,130) - in reality, these expectations were sensationally exceeded. The official number of visitors increased to 53,890 - a plus of 12% in comparison to 2014. Exhibitors commented favourably on the quality of the visitors, the good organization of the exhibition and confirmed the excellent discussions with experts. Furthermore, many of these led to surprisingly good orders. Due to the history of these events, which have been carried out every three years since 1990, everything suggested that the 10th jubilee exhibition would be a "milestoneexpo".


Who would have thought that? The organizers of the steinexpo did dream of a number of visitors, which would cross the magic barrier of 50,000. But it was a real surprise that the jump actually was that clear, something that could only be good for all of the 293 exhibitors (+15% in comparison to 2014), who exhibited in the MHI basalt quarry of Nieder-Ofleiden. The international name recognition, which the steinexpo has gained in the meantime, furthermore led to an increase of 75 foreign exhibitors. This, in turn, had a positive effect on the resonance in the international professional media, which ensured that the number of foreign visitors grew by about 23.5%.


Exhibitors confirmed that they had many successful discussions with the visitors, 92% of whom came to the exhibition purely from a professional interest. The highest spontaneous interest was reserved for those exhibitors, who brought the basic concept of a living exhibition to life with their own demonstrations. Not only the outdoor exhibitors made use of this effect, also suppliers in the pavilions benefited from it! The satisfaction ratings of the exhibitors were the highest, there where action dominated. To only be present with an information stand, and almost nothing tangible, bears the risk of simply being overlooked at this dynamic exhibition.


Fiery opening and large expectations on all sides

Absolutely not to be overlooked was the official starting shot of the exhibition. Dr. Friedhelm Rese, the Managing Director of the exhibition, who was joined by leaders of the partner associations of the fair (VDMA, MIRO and VDBUM), opened the 10th steinexpo with a determined blow on the "start button", which was especially audible and invisible. The latter initiated colourful pyrotechnic fireworks, which were greeted with spontaneous applause throughout the grounds. This was a good entrée for the lively hustle and bustle on all four exhibition days, which proved to be highly successful in the end.


Joint and individual demonstrations with a magnetic effect

One of the exhibition highlights was the joint demonstration of a variety of construction machine brands, which was moderated on an hourly basis by the radio reporter Raoul Helmer. Corresponding brand experts were interviewed and provided information on precise technical details, which are interesting for cost- and performance-optimized deployment. This has, in the meantime, become a steinexpo standard! However, the perfect backdrop, which was provided this time by Area A on the exhibition grounds, had not been seen before. Furnished with an arena-like character and a public gallery, the offered demonstrations of realistic work processes in quarries proved, as expected, to be a magnet for visitors. At the perimeter of the deployment of classic, powerful steel machines, good explanations were offered on new IT features of this future-proof equipment, among which a remarkable number of first-time models were presented, during both the joint and the individual demonstrations.


To be able to demonstrate all processes of an industrial sector does, however, demand quite a lot more. That is why this year's exhibitors provided convincing shows and performance demonstrations at all other areas of the exhibition grounds, which covered an overall surface of approximately 180,000 m² within the basalt quarry Nieder-Ofleiden. Breaking and sieving processes, for the preparation of stone, recycling materials, ground excavation etc, were shown in practice-oriented applications and in a way, which would meet with the approval of decision-makers of the corresponding industrial sectors and make comparisons for upcoming investment decisions easier.


The approval lay above expectations

What does the number of interested visitors, which reached 53,890, say about the success of the exhibition? It does provide a good point of orientation, for the far-reaching acceptance that this exhibition achieved. A sure indication of the expectations of the organizers, which lay below the actual interest, was that "helmets" were already sold out at the cash registers before noon. To ensure safe access for as many visitors as possible, reserve helmets were collected, which had been stored at locations outside of the fairgrounds .


A random survey of visitors, which was carried out at the orders of the exhibition management, showed that almost 65% of the professional visitors were decision-makers (or involved in the decision-making process), of companies that operate quarries or gravel and sand pits, or that are interested as part of their operations in the construction or construction material sector. Approximately 20% of the visitors indicated that they work for construction or recycling companies, who are looking at their investment needs. Even craftsmen, who currently work with small machines and are interested in larger versions, discovered products, such as for instance pumps, tools, storage systems or extensions for their machines, which will ease their working day in the future. All of the surveyed visitors praised the completeness of the core offer, which radiated in the direction of the execution of construction works. Non-professionals from the region, in one surveyed case a group of architects that had visited the steinexpo out of pure interest, expressed respect for the exhibitors, who had patiently answered the questions of technical laymen. "Now we have a better understanding of what is happening in the sector", clearly expresses their satisfied opinion. Seen from this angle, the steinexpo also is an event that actively contributes to a positive image of the sector. And also to be seen as part of this image context was "ThinkBig!", an equally successful joint action for technically interested students visiting the exhibition, which recruited for relevant training professions.


With a visitor share of approximately 17,900 persons, Saturday once more turned out to be a "professional symposium". Beyond the interested persons from the region (free participation by children of up to 14 years of age, who were accompanied by a grown up, were not counted in the visitor statistics), the share of professional visitors was still very high on this last exhibition day. A medium-sized stone quarry enterprise from Thuringia explained why that is so: "I could only come to the exhibition with my people on Saturday. A small company cannot afford to do without its production on a weekday, especially since we are experiencing high demand at the moment."


The standards for the future are now still higher

The high acceptance of the steinexpo in the market was emphasized once more by the end result. The exhibitors expressly praised the organization and flexibility of Geoplan GmbH, which had organized the exhibition. In all the exhibition phases, the tried and tested planning and implementation team of the Technical University of Clausthal, under the management of Prof. Dr. Hossein Tudeshki and Thomas Hardebusch, ensured an orderly progress of the steinexpo, integrating every type of unplanned surprise in the ongoing processes with expertise and sensitivity.


Taking a look back at the steinexpo 2017, the Managing Director Dr. Friedhelm Rese declares: "It was the most strenuous steinexpo that we have ever organized. In retrospect, I am proud of the entire team - jointly we were able to bring in this exhibition to a successful conclusion. I would like to thank all of the exhibitors, for their abiding trust in our exhibition concept. And I would like to thank the visitors for their interest in and attention to our offer, which is unique on the European continent." It is clear to us now that we have raised the bar for the 11th steinexpo higher once more. Nevertheless, we will make every effort to also master these expectations, during the next event at the MHI stone quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden, which is scheduled for the 26th to the 29th of August in 2020."



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steinexpo: From the 30th of August until the 2nd of September 2017, the 10th steinexpo was organized in the MHI basalt quarry in ‎Nieder-Ofleiden. The steinexpo, as the largest and most important stone quarry demonstration exhibition, celebrated its first opening in the quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden. This exhibition is organized at three-year intervals. Within the framework of spectacular live presentations, which were organized with an impressive stone quarry as a backdrop, manufacturers and dealers of construction and processing machines, utility vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, as well as facilities for raw material extraction and processing, demonstrated their high level of performance. A further focal point of the exhibition was the recycling of mineral construction materials. The steinexpo is organized by Geoplan GmbH, Iffezheim.



Geoplan GmbH
Josef-Herrmann-Straße 1-3
D-76473 Iffezheim
Tel.: +49 (0)7229-606-30


Picture captions

steinexpo2017_PI-10_1a+b: The exhibition grounds from above. The 10th anniversary of this trade exhibition was celebrated in the MHI quarry in Nieder-Ofleiden. Photos: Mario Jeschke

steinexpo2017_PI-10_2: Great interest was shown in the official opening, despite the high summer temperatures in the restaurant marquee.

steinexpo2017_PI-10_3a+b+c: Everything ready for the start: A hearty handshake was exchanged by the association partners, Dieter Schnittjer (at the left, VDBUM), Joachim Schmid (2nd f.t.l.) and Christian Krauskopf (2nd f.t.r, both member of VDMA), Dr. Gerd Hagenguth (3rd f.t.r) and Dr. Olaf Enger (at the right, both from MIRO) and the Managing Director of the exhibition, Dr. Friedhelm Rese (middle), as they opened the steinexpo 2017. A colourful display of fireworks in the outer area, which was visible from far away, accompanied the opening. Photos: Bodo Wistinghausen

steinexpo2017_PI-10_4a+b+c: Action ThinkBig! At the steinexpo. More than 400 students from Hessia were guests at this action. The many other students and trainees gave the exhibition a "young" image. Photos: gsz/steinexpo

steinexpo2017_PI-10_5: Participants at the press conference. During the first, professional part of the information that was provided, the Managing Director of the exhibition, Dr. Friedhelm Rese (6th f.t.l), and Dr. Olaf Enger (MIRO, 5th f.t.l), Joachim Schmid (VDMA, 2nd f.t.l.) and Dieter Schnittjer (VDBUM, at the right), presented important facts on the exhibition and the situation in the sector. In conformity with the motto "rock the future", motivated 'gravel trainees' presented an up-to-date training film, for which they were rewarded with a helicopter flight. Photos: gsz/steinexpo

steinexpo2017_PI-10_6a+b+c: Joint demonstrations in a perfect atmosphere, with professional moderation and an excellent view, thanks to a generously dimensioned platform. Photos: gsz/steinexpo

steinexpo2017_PI-10_7a+b+c+d: Line-up for waving goodbye. A melancholy moment, which was especially touching in view of the perfect atmosphere. Photos: gsz/steinexpo

steinexpo2017_PI-10_8a+b: Team performance! The Managing Director of the exhibition and a part of his team, while waving goodbye during the traditional 'bucket photo'. Dr. Rese is satisfied and simultaneously relieved that the exhibition was able to handle all of the challenges. Photos: gsz/steinexpo

steinexpo2017_PI-10_9: Masses of visitors: Gigantic waiting lines at the ticket offices sometimes strained the nerves of visitors, but they did lead to a visitor record at the steinexpo .

steinexpo2017_PI-10_Impressionen: Photos: gsz/steinexpo

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