Presentation options

Your individual presentation options

The practical, impressive live demonstrations of machinery and equipment, industry-specific solutions and innovations make steinexpo a “must-do" in your commercial sector.
As exhibitor, you naturally have a choice of completely different presentation options:

Outdoor area | General demo

Do you want to demonstrate the loads that your large equipment can handle?
Then our live arena on demo area A is just the place for you to be!
The stadium atmosphere of more than 5,000 m² provides the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the performance of your transport machinery and material handlers. While the trade visitors can track every movement of the large equipment with an optimal view from a spectators’ stand, the giants can demonstrate their power and capabilities in real use.
The demonstrations, which take place several times a day, are rounded off by a technically advanced presentation in a discussion with a contact person of your company. This allows the performance characteristics of your exhibits to be presented professionally and convincingly.

Outdoor area | Demonstration

Do you want to demonstrate the performance and capacity of your exhibits?
This is the only place where you can do it: Set your machines in action on your own stand area to show what makes them a must-have piece of equipment. Your machines can impressively show what they are capable of when handling sharp-edged and extremely hard basalt!

Outdoor area | Stationary presentation

Would you like to present the full extent and quality of your solutions?
Then use your own outdoor area for the stationary exhibit of your machines and plants. Give your customers a 360 tour of all the details and features of your products and equipment right there on the exhibit!



Would like to present your company in a classical indoor environment?
No problem: Our modern large pavilions set the perfect stage on around 2,500 m² for companies from the service sector as well as other fields of expertise – naturally, perfectly networked. The clever positioning of the stands and the variably opening side walls of these "exhibition halls" perfectly integrate the indoor exhibition areas in the active and pulsating trade fair activities, and you are always in perfect contact with our trade visitors – no matter what the weather.


Please talk to us! Your direct point of contact for

Presentations in the outdoor area

Marc Vogelsberger

Project Manager Trade Fairs/Exhibitions

Tel. +49 7229 606-34


Presentations in the pavilions

Michaela Stephan

Project Manager Trade Fairs/Exhibitions

Tel. +49 7229 606-29


Prices and conditions 2023

General demo
  Excavators/Wheeloaders Lorries/trucks and dumptrucks
Participation fee 38,- € per kW 295,- € per metric ton of payload
Rated power of equipment up to 180 kW 80 m² free area  
Rated power of equipment more than 180 kW 120 m² free area  
Rated power of equipment up to 25 tons   60 m² free area per unit
Rated power of equipment from 26 to 50 tons   100 m² free area per unit
Rated power of equipment more than 50 tons   120 m² free area per unit
Outdoor area | Demonstration
Area Up to 200 m² 201-500 m² 501-1000m² From 1001 m²
Price 54,00 €/m² 51,00 €/m² 44,00 €/m² 31,00 €/m²
Calculation example for 600 m²: 200 x 54 € + 300 x 51 € + 100 x 44 € = 30.500,00 €        
Outdoor area | Static presentation
Price 64,- €/m²
Stand type Space only Basis package
(space + stand construct)
Comfort package
(space + stand construct + service)
Premium package
(space + stand construct + service)
Row stand 180,00 €/m² 288,00 €/m² 303,00 €/m² 336,00 €/m²
Corner stand 185,00 €/m² 293,00 €/m² 308,00 €/m² 341,00 €/m²
End stand 190,00 €/m² 298,00 €/m² 313,00 €/m² 346,00 €/m²
Additional fees
Registration fee 410,00 €        
Fee for PR activities and disposal 11,50 €/m²        
Registration fee Co-exhibitor 1.350,00 €