steinexpo 2017: Press release No. 2

steinexpo 2017 – the 10th of its kind

Big plans and stadium atmosphere: it is getting real!

June 2016: On two days in late May 2016 the steinexpo organisers Geoplan GmbH invited both registered and potential exhibitors of steinexpo 2017 to the Mitteldeutsche Hartstein-Industrie AG (MHI) quarry in Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden, which will be turned into a unique fairground for the trade fair. Besides the new spatial layout, other new offerings with great visitor benefits were also presented. These were extremely well received by the participants and will add significant added value to the 10th steinexpo from 30 August to 2 September 2017.

The steinexpo is not the kind of trade fair where exhibitors can rebook areas that they occupied exhibition after exhibition. The reason is quite simple: The mining floor areas of the quarry that are suitable for the demonstration exhibition constantly change due to the ongoing rock mining and backfilling of this working mineral landfill in Europe's largest basalt quarry. This makes on-site viewings such as these very important. This way the spatial layout becomes clear. Wishes and reality converge and every exhibitor finds the suitable space for his needs. The organisers also have some interesting new offerings in the pipeline to extract the maximum from the possibilities that the new spatial layout concept has to offer.

Joint demo in the “stadium”
Old hands of the trade fair recall the shrinking of area A through the landfill operation as they do the joint demonstration on the deep-lying area E during the previous event in 2014. The latter is no longer available for use during the next exhibition. Therefore, the focus had to be shifted. The joint demo of various construction brands, which will again be professionally moderated, will move completely to the deep-lying area A. Visitors to this area will be happy about the shorter route and the magnificent way to follow the processes, because halfway up the ramp a stand will be built that will hold 250 visitors providing them with an excellent view of the action as if in a stadium.

Logic and logistics in perfect harmony“
The loss of area E is compensated by more potential on B and C, so that the same gross area of 180,000 m² as at the previous event is again available. Area B is used primarily as stationary exhibition space for the manufacturers of construction machinery and their suppliers, while on area C the focus is on mineral processing technology with in many cases much larger individual areas for demonstrations. In addition, this is also where the pavilions will be situated after the “open concept” was first implemented in 2014 and praised by the respective exhibitors. Area D returns in its familiar form. Here large construction equipment brands will go through their paces in individual demos.
All in all a very logical structure which excited the visitors on the tour about the benefits to their respective interests.
Although “all roads lead to” steinexpo, they are long without a doubt. Shuttles sometimes have trouble getting from one point to the other faster than the flow of visitors on foot. To make the visit more efficient, there is not only an elevator between sole B and C, but also a second between sole C and D. Sturdy Geda construction hoists are installed for this purpose by Grewe-Aufzugstechnik.

Participation is a no-brainer
Trade fair director Dr Friedhelm Rese was highly impressed by the positive response to the planned innovations during the site visit as well as by the extent of the interest and demand. The inspection tour of the terrain also fully solved any previous fears of a clash of interests in the diverse demands for exhibition spaces by mutual agreement. Major exhibitors made use of the opportunity to already book their spots or take options on certain areas. To the satisfaction of the trade fair director, “This is as affirmative as gratifying for us at this early stage.” As Dr Rese, the representatives of the participating exhibitors also appreciated the opportunity to take part in the on-site preliminary discussions to get answers to their specific questions and to clarify organisational matters.
At present, nearly all the market leaders in the fields of construction equipment and treatment and preparation technology will be represented at steinexpo 2017. In many cases they have even booked more extensive areas than in the past. Even several exhibitors showcasing their products and services in the large pavilions have already fixed their participation in the fair.

International inquiries
As with the previous event, the significance of steinexpo for raw material-extraction operations is underlined by the growing number of inquiries by international exhibitors. Geoplan is currently seeing an increase of around 12% of new suppliers from all over the world.
Dr Friedhelm Rese’s advice to anybody and everybody who is still undecided: “Whoever quickly deals with his trade fair participation, still has the possibility to receive an offer to secure a matching exhibition space.” This is an appeal that is probably hardly necessary, as experience has shown with the bookings received, especially in last weeks.

Key figures of the previous steinexpo 2014
Visitors: 48,130 (+23% compared to 2011)
Percentage of trade visitors: 93%
International participation (total): 22.6%
Exhibitors: 254
Brands represented: 380
Built-up area: 52,900 m²
Gross area: 180,000 m² Follow steinexpo on facebook!!!

steinexpo: As the biggest and most significant stone quarry demonstration exhibition on the European continent, the steinexpo had its premiere in the Nieder-Ofleiden stone quarry in September 1990. The trade fair is held in a three-year cycle. By means of impressive live demonstrations against the backdrop of a magnificent stone quarry, manufacturers and dealers of building and processing machinery, utility vehicles and heavy vehicles as well as plants for reclamation and treatment of materials put their service performance on display. The recycling of mineral building materials represents another focus point. The steinexpo is organised by Geoplan GMBH, Iffezheim.

steinexpo2017_PI2_1 + 2) On-site meeting: Dr Friedhelm Rese (r.) explains the spatial layout of steinexpo 2017 to the exhibitor representatives in the MHI quarry Nieder-Ofleiden Photos: Geoplan

steinexpo2017_PI2_3) Basalt quarry Nieder-Ofleiden: The areas to be used by steinexpo 2017 will again change significantly compared to previous fairs due to the mining activities and backfilling of central areas.

steinexpo2017_PI2_4) Spatial layout of steinexpo 2017: The clear layout of the exhibition areas, two elevators for optimum visitor movement and a visitors’ stand that gives the joint demo a stadium effect.

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